RadRunner Plus Storage Accessory

RadRunner Ammo Case Mount - $40

Are you look an alternative to the RadRunner Center Console? If you find the RadRunner Center Console to be too bulky and cumbersome or miss being able to take advantage of the step through then this custom designed mount is the solution for you! This 3D printed mount will allow you to mount an ammo case (specifically the Sheffield 12630 Field Box on Amazon) to the screw mounts on the step through of your Rad Runner Plus and Rad Runner 2. This mount is necessary as the lid of ammo case is unable to open without being set a certain height above the bottom frame to create clearance for the lid to swing freely. The RadRunner Center Console alternative is the compact storage option you've been looking for. Version 2.0 of the mount features easy align arms to make installing the ammo case a breeze.

Rad Runner Ammo Case Mount
RadRunner Plus, 2 & 1, Ammo Case Mount, Center Console Storage, Hidden AirTag/SmartTag Slot (Mount/hardware only, ammo case not included)

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