Custom LearnDash CSS Plugin

This plugin adds a custom css file to LearnDash pages only so you can add styles that may override the rest of your site's css without breaking non-LearnDash pages.

The CSS file is located in '/wp-content/plugins/learndash-custom-css/css/'. The CSS file name is: 'custom-learndash-css.css'

It identifies the LearnDash page by matching the URL (ex: to LearnDash labels (ex: course). If you use custom LearnDash labels it will recognize that and match them.

How do I tell if the plugin is loading properly?
Go to one of your LearnDash course/lesson/topic pages and inspect element or view source. Then control-f to find 'custom-learndash-css.css'. If it finds a match it is loading properly. You can also test this on a non-LearnDash page to make sure it is not loading when it is suppose to.

For bug reports, feedback or support email:

This link goes to a link for download count and the file is hosted on Google Drive.
Version 1.1 | 3/20/2019
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