RadRunner Plus, 2 & 1, Ammo Case Mount, Center Console Storage, Hidden AirTag/SmartTag Slot
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Product Description

Are you looking for more storage for your RadRunner Plus, RadRunner 2, or RadRunner 1? Do you like the idea of the RadRunner Center Console but not the price or losing all the space in the step through? Want a RadRunner Center Console Alternative? This 3D printed mount will allow you to mount an ammo case (specifically the Sheffield 12630 Field Box on Amazon) to the screw mounts on the step through of your RadRunner Plus, RadRunner 2, or RadRunner 1. This mount is necessary as the lid of ammo case is unable to open without being set a certain height above the bottom frame to create clearance for the lid to swing freely. This DIY ammo mount kit will make it easy for you to mount an ammo case in your step through.

Select the “Hidden Tracker Slot” when adding to cart, to get a mount with a spot to place a hidden Apple AirTag or Samsung SmartTag between the mount and the ammo case. The AirTag or SmartTag cannot be removed without uninstalling the mount. This version of the mount will allow you to place a hidden AirTag or SmartTag on your RadRunner to help track it down in the event your bike is stolen or lost. The AirTag or SmartTag cannot be removed without tools, simple install the AirTag or SmartTag before attaching the mount to the ammo case. Even if someone unlocks your ammo case they will not see the AirTag or SmartTag without disassembly. NOT Compatible with Samsung SmartTag+ model.

These mounts come in four colors: Orange, Black, White and Silver.

Additional Details

Important Details:

– Only guaranteed to be compatible with the RadRunner Plus, RadRunner 2 and RadRunner 1.
– Only guaranteed to be compatible with the Sheffield 12630 Field Box (model number: 12630), or Sheffield 12629 Field Box (model number: 12629). Message me for any questions or if you cannot find the product on Amazon.
– NOT Compatible with the Samsung SmartTag+ (plus) version, only the standard SmartTag (39mmx39mm)
– This package includes the mounting bracket and mounting hardware (nuts and bolts)
– The ammo case, tools, AirTag/SmartTag and locks are not included.
– Color of mounts and mounting hardware may slightly be different from photos depending on lighting and availability of materials

How to Install:

– Watch the install video here: https://youtu.be/X7_mMbDtOVU
– Download an install PDF here: https://blueprintcoders.com/download/radrunner-plus-ammo-case-mount-installation-instructions/

These mounts are compatible with the Rad Power Bikes models: RadRunner Plus, RadRunner 2, and RadRunner 1.

These mounts come with no warranty and are not guaranteed to secure the ammo case from theft, accidents or rough use. The installation and use of this DIY mount kit is to be done at your own risk. Over tightening bolts can damage the mount, threads and/or bolt heads. Only tighten to a firm hand tightness.

If you have any issues with your mounts or find defects please message us so we can assist you.

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